Ismark the Downer

Session 1

Goin' Campin

I should have written this a month ago.

Started Curse of Strahd! Party is Kreoss (human paladin of Arete,) Rikki Minaj (catfolk Court Bard,) Grombo (grippli Alchemist,) Russet Crowe (human Mutagenic Mauler Brawler,) and Nala (half-elf Divine Hunter) with her animal companion Donald Trumpf (why. Velociraptor.)

Everyone hung out at a campfire, sent north by a dude named Arrigal who they met in a bar, with a letter of "help please," and then got transported somewhere else, camp and all. I think they all fought a twig blight, and saw a weird lookin' tree. Mist makes everyone sleepy. Fire makes twig blights upset. Someone found a card that said "Druid" on it.

Nala found a path out, and the others helped clear it, while some were tangled up in living roots. Grombo climbed some trees and said fudge all that. Everyone left and found naked Shrek.

The group found a headless dead guy with another version of the first letter saying "hey actually y'all should leave." Rikki ignored cries from the woods, and looked away from all the tree-men she saw. The group passed some headless statues and found a sleepy, dilapidated town. A couple in town fought over a bag of pastries, and Kreoss took scratching damage. 

Everyone met Ismark, whose father is the mayor and is dead, and met a boring mute innkeep and a bunch of vibrant jerks. Rikki and Russet and Grombo got totally wasted, Grombo got some shiny things, and Nala/Kreoss started a quest without telling anyone. Also I think the vibrant jerks (Vistani) gave someone a traitor card. Foreshadowing!!!

Will they help bury Ismark's dad? What's up with his not-a-vampire sister Ireena? Can half the group get any more tipsy on terrible wine? Find out in 5 minutes when I try to remember what happened in the second session.


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