Ismark the Downer

Session 2

Oh yeah the house

Hey so last time everyone met Ismark and left with him and Mirabel, one of the colorful jerks, and saw a marching line of ghosts from a graveyard into the castle on the cliff. Them ghosts are those who tried to assault the castle but totally died there instead.

Everyone met up at Ismark's place and saw his sister and dead father, and Grombo made everything into wine. The group reluctantly agreed to bury Kolyan, Ismark's dad and also the mayor.

Suddenly, violence! Mist surrounded the house! 
* Grombo tried to make zombies happy with wine 
* Nala make wolves not attack her for a round, and also saw a super hairy muscleman let them in by clawing a wall down
* Kreoss murdered poor zombies with Ismark and Ireena then /quit because he had to leave early =(((
* Rikki let every dead thing in the room know they were bitches, and shot them bitches with her crossbow
* Russet punched a floating head off a balcony, and one-punched a lot of zombies before getting strangled by a hanged-man with a hanged-man rope

Strahd showed up and was all "ha ha I can make you guys do stuff with my brain," and Rikki threw a bar of soap at him, marking the only time in which someone playing Pathfinder has ever used the bar of soap in their class' kit. I think a bunch of people hid under beds. Also, I think a zombie used his laser-mouth to blow a hole in the wall. Double also, someone got another card but I don't recall which. I'll look it up later.

Will the group find out what those dumb cards do? Will they get drunk before attending a sad, sad funeral? How many bars of soap can Strahd dodge before one actually hits him? Will Ismark ever not me a total friggin downer? Maybe to all, and statistically the Strahd thing is: maybe 1 bar, maybe no bars. Questions answered.


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