Ismark the Downer

Session 3

Who likes graveyards

In this one I tested Rikki's ability to determine whether partying with the only happy people in a town of doom and gloom is safe or not. She decided it wasn't! Ismark told all of them to leave, and told the group to loot all their junk, because it's almost time for a rooooad triiip!

Nala and Grombo  looted the building, and Rikki packed up some bags and stole some clothes. Russet basically carried Kolyan's casket one-handed while Kreoss sort of helped there I guess.

Upon entering the chapel, everyone saw it was all destroyed and junk. People heard cries inside and saw rooms but no one really looked inside those. A priest sat on the one good piece of the last sittable pew, mourning the death of his son, who cried out about how hungry he was in the floorboards below. He had trapped his son in the basement, because he snuck out to go kill Strahd with a group, and returned as a vampire spawn. The priest prayed to his god for help.

Kreoss unchained the floor and turned his son to ash.

The priest agreed to help bury Kolyan, and people left to go deal with that. Rikki tool a literal cat-nap in the chapel. Outside, during the ceremony, people noticed a graveyard man, who opened his mouth all weird and undead started bursting out of the earth. Initiative, next time!


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