Ismark the Downer

Session 4

Definitely not us we do not like graveyards

This week, the group finished a graveyard combat! Donavich completed the funerary rites under the guidance of the Morninglord for Kolyan, while the group defended him from a skelly-ton graveyard lantern man.

The grave man resurrected a bunch of different kinds of skeletons and zombies, but was ultimately killed by an attack of opportunity I forgot to give Kreoss. Strahd showed up after a while and brought Kolyan back, proving that neither the Morninglord nor the dawn can protect you from his influence. Ireena killed her father after Rikki insulted him a whole bunch. Everyone's sleepy and ready to get the fudge out of the garbage dump Barovia.

  • Froggy hit 3 dudes with one bomb!
  • Kreoss killed a sort-of miniboss who I didn't give enough health or DR!
  • Nala shot a guy's tongue off!
  • Rikki told 2 dudes off about their fashion choices, and made them die again, this time on the inside!
  • One Punch two-punched a zombie like Team Rocket blasting off again, and got hit by every monster I put on the board apparently whoops
  • Ismark couldn't tackle for shit
  • Ireena tackled some tough shit

What are these stupid cards anyway? Where is Vallaki? Does anyone know how to get there? Why is Strahd such a jerk? I can answer none of these questions ha ha suckers


allens1015 allens1015

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