Ismark the Downer

Session 5

The Endening

Just for posterity, record-keeping, archiving, etc. This session the group dissolved!

Not really. Friendships dissolved and schedules happened and this group became Medusa-group instead as a sort of merger. Anyway. Writing this ~6-7 months late.

I recall everyone rested up and left, headed west. found a crossroads. Saw more scary treemans. Saw a hangman's post and a spooky raven. Found a camp with some of the Vistani hangin' out. Lady there wanted to talk to you all and have a weird dream sequence with Nala where she explained that the cards were your fates. You all gave her the cards you wanted, out of a set of 7 or so. She told you what they meant and pointed you in a direction. Three dictated tools to help you overcome Strahd. One was an ally who would help you in your endeavor. One was Strahd and the location of his, or your, demise.

I think Froggy and Russet got drunk and the angry cat one was scared/mad about something. Kreoss was also there and was in dreamsville.

And then we moved on.


allens1015 allens1015

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